Sunday, February 19, 2006

marriage prayer + tealights

in the middle of a busy day at work, who would've thought i'd still be on the roll for wedding preps. while at lunch i stumbled upon this catalogue that sells assorted candles. first flip brought me to the page that shows a candle that says "Marriage Prayer". of course, i took the idea and thought it'd make our unity candle somewhat atypical from the rest. here's the prayer:

Marriage Prayer
Lord, help us to
remember when we first met
and the strong LOVE that grew
between us, to work that LOVE into
practical things so nothing can
divide us. We ask for words both
kind and loving and hearts always
ready to ask for forgivemess as well
as forgive. Dear Lord, we put our
marriage into Your hands.

now, only if i could find someone to make me those candles! we inquired at doc's candles, a small stall we found at south mall. they do actually have our cherry blossom motif but they quote us 3k for a set of three to make our unity candles. now, that's a bit pricey for us. i still have quite a bit of time do some research anyways, so the search is still on :)

meanwhile, look what mom and i found at one of my favorite stores, ikea:

scented TINDRA tealights
$3.99/42 pcs.

good deal! and it's perfect to match the motif and they even come in chocolate, caramel and orange combination as well. these little ones will sit at the center of each table surrounding the centerpiece c/o Juan Carlo (?not sure if we will need to hire an event stylist or not). and to hold these tealights, we're in the middle of deciding which between these two to get:

HEJ tealight holder from ikea
$0.50 ea.

votive candle holders from divi
Php 50.00 ea

they all look pretty --one's minimalist in style while the other is more dainty. i guess it's just a matter of price and s/h fees since i'd have to ship the ones from ikea from here. hmmm... we'll see.

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