Tuesday, February 07, 2006

gifts: female principal sponsors

it's kind of tricky thinking of gifts. most specially if the gift that you have to come up with are to be given out to people whom you have utmost respect and care for you as if you're their own child. after shopping around online and countless number of malls both brian and i have been to, we took francis' suggestion of providing our female principal sponsors the fabric for their dresses.

fabric cost: Php 80/yard
wrapper cost: Php 120
tools: photoshop, didi
, scissors

the fabric is silk in dope dye pomelo pink. we wrapped them individually using two shades (closest color we could get to match our motif) of japanese paper, wooden placemat we found in greenhills, and colored paper in eggyolk. we finished the wrapping design with square cut-out logos (DIY) that has both of our initials. we've given out most of these gifts already and we're happy that ninangs are just sweet enough to appreciate our gifts to them. now all we have to think about is a small token we can give them on the wedding day itself.

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