Monday, March 13, 2006

crane's & papyrus + disposable cameras

the past few weeks has been quite slow for wedding preps. san diego weather has been very, very sullen. i love rain. but rain, minus my bed, and no snooze? baaahh. nakaka depress lang when i think about it. oh well. i was able to sneak in some mall time in the afternoon that there was no rain, though. here are some of my good finds:

disposable cameras with instruction cards from Walmart. other wedding websites sells them for $5.99/camera while walmart has them for $15.99/ box of 4 cams. that's $2.00 savings x 20 cams = $40.00... cashing! cashing! i looove walmart! this cameras will be in each table for the guests to take snaps.

blank engraved initial notes from Crane's & Co. to write letters for our Principal Sponsors. see, this stationary is so darn pretty for my sloppy handwriting. i really gotta figure out a way how to tweak the settings on my computer so i can print them out instead.

blank notes in pink with brown trimmings to write letters for the wedding party from Papyrus. with this one, i'm not quite decided on wheter i should write them the note now (eventhough i've met them already in person and have asked and told them that they play a role in the entourage group, with STDs disposed off accordingly) or just write them personal thank you notes and tuck them in inside their gown/barong boxes? we'll see.

now i hope on my next mall adventure i get to find those monogram cake toppers!

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