Sunday, October 09, 2005

the motif

ahh.. colors.

choosing the motif has seem to be a none ending task for me. when Migs asked what color/s i have in mind, i honestly went blank. not that i have no idea. it's actually the opposite. i have so many color combinations in mind that it came to a point where choosing which would really best fit our wedding, i suddenly went scatter brain.

our very first choice was apple red. it was nice when we were flipping through david's bridal website. but then we did our ocular at fernwood and saw it, it didn't blend very well with the garden set up. nasty combination. so scratch apple red. then on that same day, there was a wedding goin on and we stayed and peeked through. we liked their motif of ecru/gold and fell for it. then as i go online and do my wedding research and all, more bold, lively, beautiful color combos are flipping in front of me.... so yeah, go figure.

brian and i came to an agreement: no blue nor too pink. it has to be even. but i told him i cannot not have pink! although i don't claim pink to be my most favorite color, i like it so much to make it a part of my happiest day. and brian being the most loving, kindest hubby in the whole-wide world that he is, compromised! teeehee!

so today, i decided to make swatches to narrow my choices down:
trust me, these had been narrowed down already, heheh.

two tones

three tones

but i think i'm seriously leaning towards these (though, not final since i have to show them to brian for comments) two sets of color combo for motif:

first set: secodary BM & JM, second set: matron & maid OH. all with silver embellishments

ah, but god knows what martha stewart will come up with for 2006 hip colors. argh! there's a reason why God made me a woman, let me put it to use here. so don't quote me on this until the garments are cut, hehe.

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