Thursday, October 05, 2017

Took another bite... again

The Apple watch Nike+ came out today. Anna really wanted the Series 3 edition.  Unfortunately, T-Mobile won't be getting their stash until November.

I wanted to get it from our mobile carrier since I don't want to fork out the money. Being the good husband that I am, I picked up Anna after work and headed towards the Apple store without any intentions of buying............ I'M THERE TO JUST LOOK AT IT. Right?

WRONG.  Marcus, the Apple guy was very helpful in assisting and answering questions that I threw at him. Strategically gave me the I-should-get-the-wife-her-watch look.

Apple watch Nike+

Hell, I'm not gonna fall for this.  But then the liar in me insisted I should get two. But my better judgment was able to resist buying both. So Marc's strategy worked well.  Saved some cash on-hand and still ended with a happy wife-happy life.

Apple watch Nike+

Maybe that's why the Apple symbol has a bite on it. It's the forbidden fruit. You just can't resist the allure and always fall for it. 

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