Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The hipster meal

A few weeks ago we were in San Francisco with Marjorie just because. We should have started our #100pigoutchallenge at this time since it was the perfect place to gorge ourselves with endless treats of delectable and almost limitless choices of food that you can think of.

Tipsy Pig

And the search for the best meals always come from either the internet or a friend's recommendation. One such place is called The Tipsy Pig. We looked at the menu online and find the selection interesting. And name did not really rang until we got there.

As it turned out, it's a place that serves craft beers--joint for hipsters. That did not deter us from eating, however. We were then pointed to our seats behind this hole-in-the-wall.

Tipsy Pig

We looked at the menu where it has a description of each meal. Interesting enough, it says that most of the meals can be shared or family-sized. And it was cheap. Prices ranging from $12 to $25. And it was also confirmed by our hostess that most meals can be shared by 4 people at most.

The cheapskate in me just kicked in and ordered a bunch. When they started serving the food, my eyes started to twitch with my inner voice screaming "These are f****** family-sized meals? Yeah if we're freakin' family of hamsters, that is!"

That's the most we've paid in a restaurant and were still all hungry. Solution? We headed to Fisherman's Wharf in an instant and filled ourselves with the needed grub.

And today, I prepared Anna's lunch and called it the hipster meal. I posted it on FB and IG and the way I described it is exactly like what trendy restaurants would do. After 20 minutes of dropping it off, I asked Anna how it was. She said it was good, everybody loved it and gone in an instant.

The hipster meal for Anna

It was good for 50 people. I should have specified, hipster people then. Mind the word "HIPSTER"....

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