Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our #100chowdownchallenge

We're out on a mission: after our Benihana experience, we decided that we will not be eating in the same place twice until 101st. We have to chow down in a different one each time we decide to dine out.

#100chowdownchallenge all began about a couple of days ago when we wanted to  eat at Kula but the typical one to two hour wait was just unbearable.  So option two was next door -- Dumpling Inn Shanghai Saloon.


One down side of this challenge is if we end up ordering one that we'll end up not liking, or something we would really like and crave but will have to take a while before repeat since the challenge prohibits it.  Double-edge challenge of our own choosing.

So far, we've these for are crossed-off:

1. Dumpling Inn Shanghai Saloon
2. Donut Bar
3. Paris Baguette
4. Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen Ramen

Another down side would be including fast food chains in the challenge like Micky D's which is our staple quick fix joint and our typical caffeine booster when out and about, Starbucks.  

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