Saturday, December 21, 2013

Goin nuts for Christmas

My annual giveaway this year is a bunch of coconut baked goodies. Anna's running a cold, that means she had to rely on my taste buds. I'm already nauseated from all the macaroons that I've been munching on.

I also had to cook a quick light dinner. We were at Costco earlier buying ingredients, and had a sample of the sharp cheddar with truffles. That made our day.

I already had somethin on my head that would be perfect for that cheese. So I opted to buy one when I had to come back for walnuts.

This is how it turned out. A garlic butter drenched baguette, topped with a maple glazed bacon, cheddar with truffles, celery slices, egg yolk and nori.

We later found out that a few drops of Tabasco sauce lifted up most of the flavors.

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