Thursday, November 21, 2013

Don't even think about it

When you're hungry, your head starts to play with you. Tryin' to bombard you with whatever food you can think of and tells you to go eat it. That's what happened to us on a Thursday afternoon heading to pick up Anna. Tacos El Gordo was the place to go.

I've heard good reviews about the place. Highly recommended by co-workers. And since theres one a few blocks away from where I was, I might as well try it.

The moment I stepped foot inside the place, there's that feeling you're walking into an authentic Mexican joint. Place was the typical fast-food. A bit crowded and a bit of a wait for the food. They had separate lines for different types of tacos. Naturally, I headed to the one where there's a huge line. They also make their own tortillas which was great.

I told myself, "$2 for two Tacos? Not bad". Wrong! It was $2 for one taco! A mini taco, that is! The food tasted great, I can't deny that. But jeez, for that price I could have bought something that would have definitely filled us up. I ended up spending $38 in total of assorted tacos for the three of us.

That was the last time I am going to that place.

[Edit: the wife just read I spent $38. she said definitely it's tacos el ripoff!]

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