Monday, July 04, 2011

floor it

The new carpet was installed last Wednesday. We've been around the big stores trying to find a good deal, but Sid's Carpet by National City, a small local store was able to give us a good offer.

We had no idea what type of wooden floors are out in the market. But the staff at Sid's was willing to sit down and explain everything, even with no guarantee of a purchase.

After hours of looking around and asking which is which and what's the best, we decided to sleep things over and come back the next day.

We then decided to install hardwood which is a bit expensive compared to laminate. It has a better look and feel unto it. But again this is another DIY project for me, since having it installed would be more expensive than the wood itself.

Thanks to Vinh, he would help me install the flooring. This was a relief in my part since I have no idea what to do nor where to begin. He even provided some of the materials.

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