Monday, June 27, 2011

We have only just begun


The hard part of buying a house besides paying for the mortgage would be renovations. Our house is fairly new, about five years old. We do have a few issues considering it's in very good condition. Some sections of the house had different wall colors. Fortunately, upstairs were in all in white except for the lilac (really?!) bathroom in the master's. Of course the OC in me had to put another coat of fresh paint.


I had to buy tons of painting equipment since I'm too cheap to even consider hiring a professional painter. Heck, how hard would it be to paint house interiors, right? Well i figured that out the hard way. Not only that It's not just a one day gig, my paint went to places i never want it go to.


Since I made a mess on the carpet and had paint splatters on most part, I then decided to hire people to take care of the old and now messy carpet. If I had the slightest idea how to install one, I would have done it myself.


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j. said...

congratulations on buying the house brian and anna!so that was all what all that painting was for!a new house!wow.