Sunday, September 18, 2011


How do you spend a weekend with a friend that you haven't seen for the longest time?

Jun's been here since Friday night. Since then, we haven't had any decent sleep nor rest. We've been stuffing our faces with so much food that our tummies feel like it's goin to burst.

We have a long day ahead us. Even right now that I just woke up, my body is nagging me to stay put.

I'm trying to convince myself that today's agenda would be worthy of the aches but will definitely take it's toll on everyone. We're about to go to Staple's Center as Jun requested. We're not there to watch a game nor go to an event. He wants his picture taken in front of the freakin stadium!



j. said...

hello grown up jun and brian!

Brian & Anna said...

Good that you included the words "Grown Up". Pero you forgot the words Matured and Manly.

Jake said...

Manly and Matured are automatic words for me and Brian, those were there even before we were born!