Friday, October 15, 2010

tough times


Vallley View Casino Buffet

Eating out was not as frequent as it used to be. Besides with today's slumping economy, we have Happy to contend with every time we go out. It's not that practical anymore. Solution? Bring those fancy restaurants at home. A few days back, we bought ingredients for pizza. I made everything from scratch and I wasn't even expecting that it would turn out edible, but it did.

home made pizza

Home made pizza

And tonight, since Anna and I love paninis, i say, "Why not make one?". These sandwiches would usually cost $5 a pop at the very least. And this one turned out more than I expected. Happy even looked famished after.




j. said...


ano cheese ginamit mo sa panini?

Unknown said...

Yung kraft na square slices.

j. said...

OKI.cute happy.mukha nga bitin.hehe