Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My baby can........

I remember doing funny things with my nieces, nephews and cousins when they were babies. Play dress up in funny outfits, telling them to laugh and then cry, letting them eat ice cream and spread it all over them. See what I mean below--

Azzel in chocolatey mode

cel 03 (6)

Azzel & Elok dipped in white powder

bahay 04 (15)

Can't take them to Hongkong, so we brought Hongkong to them


The fun part of it is that they don't complain nor take these doings against you... or at least not yet. You get a good laugh and if you're smart enough to always have a camera on-hand, take pictures and post it online.

Happy's make-shift hat a.k.a skort


And now that we're parents ourselves, guess what. Our little, innocent and oh so naive baby has that big bulls eye on her forehead.

Happy's crib?


We just cant ignore her