Friday, November 11, 2005

embracing nature

brian and i are ecstatic as i write this!

last wednesday, nov. 9, we scheduled our pre-nup shoot with Paul Vincent. being a couple who loves being one with nature and who resides from down in laguna, we opted to have our pre-nup done at the Hidden Valley Springs in Alaminos. as planned, we left makati at eight in the morning right after Jasmine and i finished our make up session. traffic bound south during early morning is just perfect, so we reached the place about an hour and a half later. the day was perfect... sun was up, we were early enough to start the shoot and only a few people were checked in.

the place in itself is breathtaking! we all enjoyed the day, the place and the one kilometer hike to the hidden falls!

here are a few photos from Paul, and more here
(Travel arrangements care of AVL Travel Tours, Inc.)

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