Friday, February 21, 2020

Fits the name

This is day 2 of our Japan trip. At this moment, we're in Kyoto for 3 days. The sun is already down when we got here. Just went for a quick walk to the nearest mall to grab whatever has Uniqlo can offer.

On the way back to the hotel, we had to make a quick stop at Lawson around the corner. We were only to buy water, but I had to get my ice cream fill even though its 40 degrees outside. But then, the keto in me had get my regular fill of fried goodness.

All these convenience stores here have their own version of different sorts of deep fried chicken, shrimp or whatever meat they can deep fry. This is my second time to actually buy deep fried goodness from Lawson. I got the hot/spicy chicken and the minced meat ball. Both are so good that I can actually see myself eating these things almost everyday.

And these things are so cheap with an average price of $2 each, buying multiples would not hurt your pockets

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