Monday, February 20, 2012


An app that would totally turn things around for me and Anna.

After acquiring all the expensive camera gear, not to mention heavy, I am now relying on my phone to take photos and upload them through flickr and facebook minus photoshop and my desktop. Sweet and nifty.  Very convenient and less hassle in my part.

But quality had to go to give way to convenience. And that's one huge sacrifice i had to burden knowing I may want printouts later on.  Perhaps, I'm just hit by the bug and just waiting for the right kick to start on my heavy and bulky camera kits again.

Seriously my little princess we need to go to bed... It's 10:30pm!!!  @breehiveFace time with my tiny bruha! @breehiveGoing to be a man in a few minutes @happyanna Choco strawberry crepe with vanilla ice cream and mexican wedding cookies

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