Sunday, April 08, 2012

Now on 3d

I told myself ever since not to jump to any bandwagon nor follow whatever is the latest trend. But yesterday I caved in.

It started two weeks ago, and I have to blame, when I saw an article in Yahoo. It says now is the right time to purchase a new TV since retailers are liquidating last years inventory.


And I had to weigh in all the factors:

1. Everything online must be real/true? Right?
2. Our newest tv is 2 years old.
3. Trend. That means now.
4. Me? I'm a consumer. So that means they're telling me to buy.
5. Movie that pops out of your tv while wearing glasses. Implying that you're a geek. And that's m. Again.


Pretty convincing. Take our good earned money you lousy electronics retail giant. Yep, that's you Bestbuy. And I won't be coming back............ Until I decide that we need another one.

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