Wednesday, November 02, 2011

And we thought.....

After a week of wearing the elastic bandage Happy got a cast in place yesterday.


Back in the day in PI, we had to do our casts the old fashion way with plaster of Paris--yup those white things. And if u know what i'm talking about, you'd know that it takes forever to harden. Here it's different. Casts are made of fiberglass that you dip in water, mold and dries for a good 2-3 mins. And it even come in different colors too! We chose red since I have an idea how we'd make it look when we get home *wink*


Soon as we got home, right after she stepped out the van, she's all over the place again. Mind you, this is a little girl that has a fracture on her right distal humerus. She even banged the cast on the floor and said "look mommy, tok-tok", as if nothing's wrong.


Thank God she's young and will heal fast on it's own.


j. said...

oh take care.

love your cast though and oooooh fiber glass cast.uber its red!

Jake said...

She is Weapon X! She will heal fast!