Thursday, April 21, 2011

too bad

Borders filed for bankruptcy two months ago... and technology is to blame since most people would rather have their books digitally. It's sad that they had to go. One by one, their stores started to go on clearance and close down.


Although we got good deals on most books, we cant deny the fact that bookstores, similar to Borders, are becoming obsolete. Even though we have kindle and an Ipad, we still prefer the old fashion way of actually holding up a book to read.

Thousands of people are loosing their jobs left and right. It's a scary thought coming into reality. We heard the post is next in line. E-mail, e-cards, e-postcard. Go figure. Not to sound selfish or wish more people to get sick but we're just thankful we still have our jobs to keep.

Borders, you will be missed by me and family.


j. said...

delayed reaction.
but yes,the only bookstore here was the one in virgin records.and it just closed down too.
it is just the saddest news.
we loved borders and was hoping it will go open a store here in kuwait.

sad,sad,sad news.

Brian & Anna said...

Grabe delayed sobra ng blog namin. Huli tuloy sa news. Kailan nag close down yung borders dyan?

j. said...

last month nag close ung virgin oman,nung paalis kami niliitan na ung store.don't know kung ngclose n rin tuluyan.

isang taon delayed blog nyo.haha.paki update nga.bka kinasal na si happy di ko pa alam.haha