Monday, March 21, 2011

old skool

I was talking to Sam through Skype the other day, and told me her classmates are already into DSLR. What the freak is wrong with these kids. A starter kit costs somewhere around $800 in PI! Explain to me how a high school kid can afford that, please.


Anyways, I was relieved after knowing she's not into it, and she'd rather have one of those instant Polaroid cams. I said "Sure, I'll buy you one, heck since those things are dirt cheap in Ebay, I'll even make it two".


And so I won in three auctions-- ranging from 99c to $12.

After a few days, the mailman came knockin' in bearing gifts. One of the cameras came with a cartridge and I tried it right away. Then I later found out that these are cheap for a reason. The cost of the film would make my wallet jump out of my pocket and cry in a corner.

I guess it's not always true when they say it's old and gone cheaper.



j. said...

ooohh.i was hoping to buy one of those fujifilm,nooo?

Brian & Anna said...

Hi i say go for the fujifilm... Love it. -- anna