Friday, December 31, 2010

farewell 2010

So much to be thankful for. We welcome the new year with much expectation and hoping that we would be able to fulfill any obligations that we missed this 2010. We really miss PI. Huge crowds in the middle of the streets awaiting midnight. The Media Noche with at least 10 different entrees and of course, the never ending barrage of loud fireworks going on around you all at the same time.

Speaking of fireworks, PI news had just shown an array of fireworks that would be considered home made bombs here in the western countries. Heck. I should say in all other countries. But in all fairness to it's creator, I must say their choices for its label were proper-- Gunaw (The End), Goodbye Philippines, Earth and Universe. And if those terms are not enough to scare the jeebees out of you, maybe the size would? How about size of a shoebox up to your regular DVD player big? Oh but the most feared of them all, Bin Laden, which translates to a cylindrical, 4in diameter and a foot of pure terror. When lighted and exploded would deliver a shock wave to the ground and a sound that would cause car alarms to go off even 20-30 meters away. Sounds fun? I wish I have actual photos to share. While here in US they have really nice fireworks and the famous countdown in NYC. But it doesn't even come close. The most abused violation people would commit to would be drinking and driving--- making more over worked officers and breathalators. Unlike in PI where hospitals would be laden with torn out body parts here and there... majority are self-inflicted all due to out-of-this-world fireworks. Maybe they should name some "Goodbye fingers, arm or even life". Now how about that for F.U.N.

We just finished chatting online to family at the strike of midnight back home, and oh how we envy them. They're eating the feast and watching the nice fireworks litter the streets with air so polluted to match with. May not be perfect to some but still sure hits home for us.


j. said...

hehe.remember the magandang gabi bayan episodes of all the firecracker victims?

blood and gore.

but its toned down the last time i was there.

happy new year bri.even though its already august.hehe

Brian & Anna said...

Hay naku isn't this the worst laaaagggg of all? Di na ako naka blog sa dami nyang pending hehe!