Sunday, September 05, 2010

Let's parteeeee

These guys have been doin this summer party for ten years now. And this was my first.


It was a gorgeous day. With a light breeze and the sun was not as harsh. Food was abundant, and who can ignore the endless flow of Margarita's. The DJ was Lewey's brother, and his music kept the place lively.


It would have been more fun, if most of the staff were there. They were telling me that previous parties were way rowdier and this one doesn't even come close.


But still, we all needed that extra R&R.


As the sun sets, party didn't stop. Someone started up the bonfire and everyone gathered around it... dancing and singing.


But we can't stay any longer and had to call it a night. Happy was still way too young to be out. Hopefully she won't be doing these things till she's.....Hmmm... 30? Ok, that's still too way too young, 40 then.


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