Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bling bling

Oh yes. A new set of bling bling for a little princess.

Anna's been asking me for weeks to get Happy a new set of earrings in time after the second set of shots and right before christening. And today's the big day. After the long search for the right person to do the piercing, who would've thought we'd find that it can be done at the mall... inside the kiosk!

If you know my wife, you know she'll brave pretty much anything... look down while hanging from a gazillion feet above sea level. Honk on a four-way stop. Sprint to tackle me. Do CPR on her dad. Anything. But when it was time to hold Happy for the pierce? Chicken of all sorts came out. Oh and throw in some butterflies in her stomach, too. Seeing her getting pale and begging me to step inside the kiosk to do the job, I was pretty much left with no choice but to be brave myself.

We videotaped everything but we're not supposed to. Here's to hoping they won't find this blog.

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