Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A hell of a week

Quick getaway in Disneyland

My dad pays us a visit twice a year. He's always here every thanksgiving and around February. But this time, it was unplanned. He wanted to see Happy so he came in summer.

Breakfast @ Denny's

We tried to convince him to stay for at least 2 weeks, but he insisted that he can only be here for 8 days. Ok eight days, i guess that's enough. We went shopping, spent a day in Downtown Disney, went to Happy's first swimming lessons. We bonded in 8 days.

DSC07247 DSC07276

We had to maximize every single trip and place that we had to go to. My dad hardly rested after he arrived. But we all had fun.

Happy's first day in swimming class

She's getting the hang of it already

And to finish off my dad's stay, we then bought "Pipay" (Happy's ride). We've been planning to buy a new family car for months, but we wanted to wait for my dad to get sound advice on which one to get. We we're out browsing and we did intend to buy an SUV but ended with a minivan which we thought is more practical.

Trying out some bouncers @ Babies R Us

And so we came home with this...

"Hapitot", Happy's new ride

Just perfect for a starting family like ours.

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j. said...

hapitot looks good...hehe.

happy is just adorable in her swimsuit!galing nman baby swim lessons.

hi brian and anna!

looks like you had a great fun week.