Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby V has arrived

Baby out @ 1505 hrs (01/11/10), baby girl, 5.4 lbs., 18 in, she looks healthy and filled OR with her loud cry.

I was just about to post the events that went on during the weekend, but we had to go to the doctor for her routine check up. I had her on NPO the night before, since we already anticipated that she might have to deliver the next day.

When we got to the doctors office, he then told us that he moved the date to January 13, but then when we told him all the stuff that Anna went through the weekend and that she's been on NPO already, he said we might as well do it today then.

Anna was on the table for just 35 minutes. Everything was just great, except for one thing, the slow and crappy internet connection.

The moment Baby V was out, I immediately updated our facebook status and started calling people. Everyone just started pouring in.

I'm just soooo looking forward to all those sleepless days now (since I'm working nights). And I have to deal with not one but with two bosses. Baby V doesn't cry a lot, but her silence means that she's arrived.

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