Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh no, 3-0!

Why hello there blog world!
Of the many times I've said "wee-bee me" and then do a long pause in between posts, you can tell this blog has been left on it's own. Dead and not running! But here I am again to give it some kick. And what a better way to kick it off than to start with the details of my own birthday, right?

The big 3-0w.
Yes, I'm hitting the tip off the calendar soon. Ouch!

Like in the past, my birthday fell on a weekday--Monday, when I am scheduled to work. So, I did. Friends came by and gave me kisses,hugs and nice gifts. Some called/texted and gave me wishes over the phone. My sister came by, too. Mom, well.. she calls me about ten thousand times a day anyway, and said she owes me a good gift this year for being away on my birthday :)... see, it was the normal birthday I get each year. Except for some lines that came frequent that day which I founnd amusing. Here are some:

Nel: ano ba tanda mo na, wala pa bang baby? I'm so ready for the baby shower!
Mon: WTF! the big C's eating me up! hurry and make one now so I can "ninang" before I die!
Alicia: Ok, I'm tired of waiting. You guys are too slow!
My pharamacist: DOB: 4-28... hey, happy birthday! babies coming soon???
Phuong: Hey, I don't see you at the gym anymore... you pregnant?

O di ba? These are just some. Trust me, it felt like it went on a daily basis from then on. So, I've developed a smart way to answer them naman... "no babies, yet. These love handles are my collection since birth"

Overall, it was another birthday spent well. Actually, better! After all, the husband seemed to have planned it very well behind me. He had these pre-birthday, on-the-day and post-birthday gifts for me!

Pre-birthday gift:

Charging station from Bed, Bath and Beyond... He knows I'm dying to get one for the longest time so I can get our phones and other bedside electronics organized. But the store is always out! These things are selling like hotcake here. He bought it on-line for me.

On-the-day gift:

Hugs and Kisses from ProFlowers that he had delivered at work to surprise me that morning.... aww! He ended the day up by taking me to P.F. Chang's Bistrofor dinner
Birthday dinner at P.F. Chang's Chinese Bistro

and to top it all off, my post-birthday gift (i should say gifts!):

Montorgueil GM and Monogram checkbook to match!
Since the big move and all the home furnishing expenditures, I've been on purse ban for a period of time. I had to warn him that he just turned the switch back on, hahaha! On the same day he got me those, I got myself this:

I couldn't resist the good sale goin' on at Macy's, LOL!

The purse addict is officially BACK!

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