Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My first swap meet

It's like PI with a twist. We were there as early as 10am on a saturday morning. It was really cold and the weather forecast said it was to rain midday, but the place was already packed.
Swap meet Parking lot
It was a huge parking lot were vendors brought different things at the back of their cars such as used electronics, power tools and furnitures, etc, etc to sell. There were also tons of new stuff that would lure you into buying, either because it's cheap or really, really nice, eventhough you don't really need it.

Anna and her nacho's Brian and his nacho's
We enjoyed the super carne asada nachos (that's ground beef, melted cheese, salsa and guacamole with jalapeno!). Although we had a budget of 50 dollars, we just spent half of it. We bought $10 Chargers stickers for our car and a $15 guava plant for Ninang Lynn and Ninong Ato's new home. It was a day well spent.

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