Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Sleeping Giant

Its been so long since i wrote anything in our blog. The last time was when were still with Modblog.

Nothin interesting thats been happening to me lately and its almost been a month since i took the board exam for nursing. Right now I'm doing some catching up with my DVD's. I'm done with Heroes, all 3 seasons of Lost and now I have my eyes on CSI.

Read a lot of books (not to mention the nursing books, hehehe), like the one i bought entitled "Fantasy gone Wrong". There are 16 short stories in total. And all are so hillarious, and puts a twist to all those fairy tales that we've known to love when were still kids.

Im back to playing Magic the Gathering, "again", but I'm not as active as before. Ive also acquired new stuff for my toy collection. Bought some at Toycon 07 last June. Wish had a couple of bucks more, dami ko kasing gusto bilhin.

There so many things that needs to be done. Here's to name a few:

1. Review for my NCLEX exam
2. Save money to buy those Cathay Pacific Flight bags
3. Fix my Miata and Beetle before Owen leaves.
4. Loose weight (I really have to), I think I'm 200 lbs na
5. And most important of all, buy the original Lovers in Paris DVD set (honey is so into it right now). So far, wala akong makita in any of the local video stores.

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